Why We Do These

You determine how great an environment your home is going to be - and there is no portion of your stay that is more important to this than the roommate tours and roommate candidate interview process.

We understand that ALL of our roommates have demanding schedules. Multiple jobs, relationships, demanding careers, lots of Netflix to watch etc. We do think that, like most things in life, great things come from preparation, effort and patience. Patience to screen candidates until you find the right one, preparation to come to those meetings with questions regarding attributes that are important to you, and effort to meet in person or video during a busy week. But that’s what it take to have an awesome roommate house. Its much, much easier because HomeRoom staff spends hours vetting candidates and has advanced screening tools - but its very important that this process is taken very seriously by all roommates througout the process. Yes, it takes an hour of your time, but finding amazing roommates (and potential new friends) is always worth that effort.

What Is Important to You?

We recommend each member take a couple minutes to reflect on what attributes are important to them and jot down a few specific questions about those attributes so you are sure to ask them in the roommate meet and greet.

“No” is ok if the roommate doesn’t match important attributes you need in a housemate. We want to get this right, not rush it and get it done.