Getting Started

Absolutely - here is our process in more detail here —> https://livehomeroom.com/how-to-find-your-homeroom

The application process can be completed entirely online. After attending a viewing, an application link will be automatically sent to, in which you’ll be asked to provide personal information (so we can pull your credit score), proof of income, and rental history.

We look for individuals who are 21+ years old and excited to live with others and build a community. Within the application, we look for a credit score of 580+, a monthly income that is 5x the base rent price, and no criminal or eviction history.

Yes! We currently have members ages 21-55 from different countries around the world, varying sexual orientations, and religious beliefs. We don’t take age, sexual orientation, gender, race or family status into account when deciding who would be a good fit.
That being said, we are looking for people who are open-minded, and who we think would get along well with other housemates. If the culture in one house is not a good fit for you, we would love to assist you in finding another HomeRoom house whose culture may fit your personality better. 

1-2 a month - meaning we have room for between 5-12 new members each month


Yes. Each house sets their own rules, but here are some ground rules that we expect everyone to follow:

  • Inform your housemates if you have guests over for more than 3 nights
  • Inform housemates if you are having a lot of people over (5 or more)
  • No firearms or weapons in the house
  • No drugs or smoking in the house
  • Clean up after yourself - don't leave personal items in the common area and don't leave dishes in the sink
  • In general, we expect members to be respectful of their housemates, communicate often, and to treat others as you would like to be treated.

We have an awesome team who help solve issues that may evolve. We believe all issues between the residents in the household should be discussed between roommates and resolved. If the issue escalates or needs to be reported, please contact HomeRoom at info@livehomeroom.com with your concern and we will reach out to help address the issue.

Once an applicant is approved by HomeRoom, it is the current residents responsibility to organize a date/time for everyone to connect via Facetime/Skype, phone call or in-person meeting. We expect to hear feedback from the current residents within 12 hours of the meet and greet to determine which applicant we will be moving forward with. If we don’t hear from the current residents within 48 hours, the Community Manager will choose the most suitable applicant for the vacant room.

Community is central to what we’re trying to build at HomeRoom and for that reason we offer our residents an opportunity to meet their potential housemates. After approving your application and taking into consideration your lifestyle and personality with the current housemates, we send an email introduction for you to reach out and get to know one another. We understand how busy everyone is so if you're not able to connect, you can still reference each housemate’s bio. Each potential tenant is screened by our team and approved by the local Community Manager.

In some cases, yes. We think the best person to share the home and explain the HomeRoom experience is by getting a tour from a current member themselves. In cases where you are home - we ask our members to greet the candidate and show them the room. In cases where you are not available we will handle the tour.

We reserve the right to ask any member to move out within 3 days if there is a safety concern, including but not limited to threatening other housemates, breaking other housemates' personal belongings or things in the house, or stealing. All tenants must pass a background check in order to live in one of our homes. We take this very seriously.

You are required to give HomeRoom 60 days notice prior to terminating your lease. If you terminate your lease before the lease end date, you will still be financially responsible for the rent up until the lease end date even if you move out. However, you are allowed to find a replacement for your leased room. After they are approved by HomeRoom's rental criteria, they can start a new lease that will terminate your old lease as well as your financial responsibility for the leased space. The person moving in doesn't need to take over your specific lease dates. If you do not provide adequate written notice to HomeRoom prior to move-out, you will forfeit your entire security deposit.

While our members enjoy BBQs and having friends over, we expect members to respect our houses, neighbors, local and federal laws. We discourage giant parties that could damage the house, invite underage drinking or cause other legal problems. That being said, having friends over on the weekends (and inviting other HomeRoom members over for the occasional get-together) is encouraged!

Of course! It's your home and we hope you will open it up to your personal community. However, HomeRoom asks you to respect your housemates and respect their sleeping times/let them know when you do have people over.

None at all! We hope that you make yourself at home in your HomeRoom.

At least once a quarter HomeRoom will host an event at one of our houses invite all of HomeRoom. At least 1-2 houses usually host their own events and invite the HomeRoom community as well.

Aside from the incredible community of people, you'll get:

  • high-speed internet
  • furnished common rooms
  • cleaners once a month
  • community events for HomeRoom members (1-2 per quarter)
  • connecting with people from all over the world!

Utilities are included with an additional fee (monthly service & utilities fee). The monthly utilities & service fee includes: internet, sewage/water, electricity, gas, trash/recycling, sponsored social events, high speed internet, monthly cleaning service and monthly lawn care.

We select those who show an interest in shared housing, are respectful towards others, and have passed our background check. We take into consideration work/sleep schedules, profession, and lifestyle/hobbies in order to best place people together we think might get along well.
For pre-existing homes with vacancies: all potential tenants undergo the same screening process in addition to meeting all the current housemates. Following a house showing, feedback from current housemates will be relayed to HomeRoom staff and this information will assist in deciding who we will send a lease.

This can be found in your welcome email from HomeRoom.

Our standard lease is 6 months long and automatically extends on a month to month basis with 60 days notice required to move out.
If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your HomeRoom we allow our members the ability to transfer to any other house with a 3-week notice.

A HomeRoom representative can be reached through the maintenance portal to help talk you through the process of fixing the fuse.

We do allow short term (7 days or less) pet visitors if a few conditions are met

  • HomeRoom is notified in advance
  • All roommates are notified in advance and 100% of roommates approve
  • Non-agressive and non-destructive species and breeds only
  • Any trace of the pet’s visit will be cleaned or repaired within 2 days of the pet’s visit at the sole expense of the pet’s host
  • Member is 100% liable for any injuries caused by pet visitor to person or property