Hello awesome HomeRoom Member!

Thanks you so much for taking time out of your busy life to show your home to the potential roommate of your dreams!

We’ve already video screened them and made sure they meet our criteria for acceptance - so we know your time investment is worth it (and you get an awesome perk if they join the house!)

Here are a few tips to giving an amazing tour:

  • They are new to the space so - they will be nervous. Be warm and inviting as possible

  • Share your favorite perks!

    • Onsite laundry

    • Maid/lawn service

    • Quarterly HomeRoom parties

    • Consistent rent and utilities expenses even when a roommate leaves

    • Payment & documents 100% digital

  • Don’t worry about any details that you don’t know the answer to! We’ll follow up with them after their visit to make sure they get all their questions answered.

Summer 2019 Tour Perks Program: To show our thanks for giving tours in the hot summer months - if your tour candidate ends up signing (in no small part due to your amazing tour skill!) - you’ll get to pick between the following:

1) $40 rent credit

2) $50 bottle of wine or liquor (delivered)

3) $60 common area item

4) $100 Groupon credit - for a fun group activity (hint: maybe with your roommates?)