Thanks for your interest in becoming a HomeRoom member!  At this stage you’ve passed all of HomeRoom’s screening criteria, signed the lease and paid the deposit.  That’s awesome.  You’re almost there!

Now it’s time for the last and most important step of our selection criteria – meeting your potential roommates and convincing them that you will be a great addition to their home.

Here’s a few tips to set yourself apart from other candidates:

1)      Show Off Your Personality:  Roommate feedback is the most important piece of how HomeRoom makes a final choice of its members so don’t be shy!  What are your favorite hobbies, what do you love about living with roommates, and why did your former roommates love you so much?  Your goal here is to get the current housemates excited about you joining their community! 

2)      Articulate How You Can Contribute: This isn’t a frat house – we’re not looking for cool points.  We’re looking for folks who contribute to the house in meaningful and creative ways, communicate well and show respect to HomeRoom staff and members at all times.  Now is the time to mention your handyman skills, chat about your BBQ wizardry and discuss how you love doing the dishes.

3)      Be Ready For Questions & With Questions:  While the roommates will have questions for you and other candidates – its also your time to get to see how well you get along with them.  We encourage candidates to bring questions of their own to ask their potential roommates.

4)      Receive the Good News:  After the roommate interviews are complete, we will get feedback from the current members of the house, as well as from each candidate.  We will use that feedback combined with the information from your staff interview and background check to make a final decision.  If HomeRoom determines that you aren’t a perfect fit for that particular house but are still a great fit for HomeRoom – we will offer other options that could work even better.

We wish you the best of luck connecting with your future roommates.

The HomeRoom Team