Welcome to HomeRoom! 

Our community culture is what makes HomeRoom stand apart!  Here’s why…. 

-More than just a room! From HomeRoom sponsored events (bottomless mimosas, what?) to Sunday brunch with the roomies, your new community is about good times with great peeps! 

-Share the load! More important than social outings are the days in between. Our happiest houses are made with roommates who work together to handle day-to-day living (chores, groceries, boundaries, etc). 

-Communication! HomeRoom works hard to maintain open lines of communication with active and present staff members. Our HomeRoom Messenger (powered by Slack) is the go-to place to interact with staff, roomies and the community as a whole.       

We’re excited you’re here! 

-HomeRoom Team 

PS - Introduce yourself to everyone on HomeRoom Messenger public channel (HERE)!

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