Bedroom Keys FAQ

Q: Why are we doing this?

A: A few main reasons

  1. As a Precaution: One thing we’ve learned over the last year - you can’t anticipate everything in the wild world of coliving. We want locks on the doors just in case they are needed for member peace of mind.

  2. Standardization: We’ve installed a number of bedroom door locks by special request. Having one-offs makes things challenging for our maintenance and leasing teams if they need access to a room.

Q: Do I have to lock my door?

A; Definitely not - feel free to hide your key in your sock drawer for the entirety of your stay with HomeRoom (but please return it when you move out!). Our roommates, maids and staff have all passed the highest levels of residential background checks. Our goal is for you to feel safe while staying with HomeRoom whether you lock your door or leave it wide open

Q: What if I lose my key or get locked out?

A: We highly recommend making a copy of your key and placing it in your car or at work to avoid BOTH of these situations

  1. If you lose your key or get locked out and it is urgent we ask that you contact a locksmith

  2. If you lose your key or get locked out and it is non-urgent our team can make a copy of the key and give it to you within 1 business day for a $35 trip fee

Q: Who will have access to copies of the keys to my bedroom door?

A: Background checked and tenured members of the HomeRoom team only

Q: Why does HomeRoom have access to my bedroom?

A: It is standard practice for landlords to have access to all areas of their properties for maintenance and to show the space once notice is given. The HomeRoom team will notify you in advance if they need to have access of your bedroom.