Home Owner FAQ

No. We are leasing the property from you similar to how a traditional tenant could. We’ll pay you and cover the full cost of rent.

HomeRoom, Inc. is the actual entity that is on the lease. Similar to a corporate lease, HomeRoom would be the single lease holder so there’s no need to balance multiple leases or worry about turnover or occupancy.

HomeRoom is focused on building a community as part of the value we’re offering for our residents. Because of that, retention and consistency is important. We’re prioritizing long term residents because that’s what ultimately adds value to our community. On average, our residents stay for a full 12 months.

HomeRoom residents are a pool of the most qualified renters you could find. We’re bringing together professionals through a variety of different channels who are interested in living in one of our communities. Usually this means city newcomers who work locally. Luckily in the high demand markets that we work within, selecting the most financially qualified and respectful residents is never an issue. Our selection process is very competitive, so that our homeowners, our residents, and our team here is comfortable.
Once our residents have moved in, we’re happy to share a little background on our community. 

As the entity on the lease, HomeRoom is very particular about making sure our homes are well maintained. At the same time, as part of our selection process, we’re very particular about upkeep and cleanliness. We’ll even schedule regular cleaning services as an added amenity for our residents, but that gives us the chance to provide and upkeep and even get a set of eyes in the home on a regular basis.
Most of our residents have an impressive work schedule and may even be at the office more than they’re home so we see very little wear and tear on the space.