Here Are The Top 5 Things You Should Know If You're Considering Living With HomeRoom:

1)  We love community - that's why we exclusively do houses with 5 plus bedrooms and 5 plus roommates

2)  We have high standards - only 1 in 5 of candidates that contact HomeRoom are offered a video interview and a subsequent in person tour. AKA you’re going to live with some of the most amazing roommates in the KC area if you live with us!

3)  Our houses are coed and members hail from countries all over the world

4)  Our amazing amenities package (maid service, 1GB fiber, laundry, event tickets) is all inclusive at a fixed $125/mo per person. That amount is not included in the rent prices on our website. To help take the stress out of your monthly bills that amount doesn’t go up even if some of the rooms are empty!

5) We see our members as partners in building this community which is why we have all potential members interviewed by their future housemates and ask members give tours to their potential roommates. Be at your best during this process because its all part of the evaluation process for potential acceptance.