Top 10 Reasons You Should Live HomeRoom

0) Private Rooms in Beautiful Furnished Homes: Enjoy peace & solitude in a comfortable private room. We also fully furnish your common space areas- no heavy lifting with us!

1)  We'll help you find great, reliable Roommates: We aim to create safe & happy spaces. Once the house is settled, you'll be able to help decide your future Roommates without any of the work

2) Connect to community on day one: Connect & Create, Discover your city with built-in community.

2)  Stress free living with awesome amenities - professional maid service, yard care, air filters

3)  Easy move in with furnished common areas and kitchen essentials

4)  FAST internet aka 1GB Google fiber

5)  You're always welcomed, never obligate: Enjoy curated events by our community at your choosing -- trivia night,  mimosa fueld brunches, exclusive small venue musical performances and HomeRoom sports teams

6)  Simple online payments - never beg that pesky roommate to pay their rent portion and if a roommate moves out your rent and utilities don't go up

7)  Technology powered living - apply, sign your lease, and pay with an app, connect to other houses through our online community chat, use our app for EVERYTHING

8)  Transfer to any HomeRoom house, at any time, free of charge with 30 days notice

9)  Maintenance like you've never seen it - live chat with our team, submit issues quickly from your phone

10) Get an awesome and well maintained backyard (and sometimes a fire pit)

Here Are The Top 5 Things You Should Know If You're Considering Live HomeRoom:

1)  We love community - that's why we exclusively do houses with 5 plus bedrooms and 5 plus roommates

4)  Our amazing amenities package (maid service, 1GB fiber, laundry) is all inclusive at a fixed $125/mo per person on top of the rent price and don't go up even if some of the rooms are empty

2)  We have high standards - only 1 in 5 of candidates that contact HomeRoom are offered an in person tour and the chance to apply

3)  Our houses are mostly coed and members hail from countries all over the world

5) We see our members as partners in building this community which is why we have all potential members interviewed by their future housemates and ask members give the in person tours. Be at your best during this process because its all part of the evaluation process for potential acceptance