Support The Co-living Revolution: Get more rent, with higher quality tenants and no vacancy



For Millennial's, the housing situation is complicated, so 18M+ are living with roommates.

Housing prices, student debt and lingering fears from the real estate crash have deterred many Millennial from home ownership.  And even those who plan on settling down are now doing so later in life - leaving a 5-10 year gap for a majority of college grads -who need an immediate housing solution.  While living alone is appealing, its expensive!  Co-living with roommates has emerged one of the best options for this stage in life - but this $140B market has been primarily served by mom and pop landlords and individuals renting out spare rooms.

By Eliminating Vacancy - we add value for both landlord and tenant

With a historical vacancy rate of less than .5% (compared to the national average of 6.8%) HomeRoom can provide value to the tenant with lower rent - and still net the landlord a higher net profit annually.