Finally… the ideal way to rent your home

Peace of Mind

Tenants are vetted via in-person interviews & background checks. All have stellar credit scores.

More Profit

Long-term leases equates to zero vacancy and ensures you always get paid.

Built-In Upkeep

Regular professional monthly cleaning, yard care plus exclusive access to our low-cost repair services.

How it works

A streamlined process with great communication every step of the way

Property visit

We go on-site to ensure that HomeRoom will be a great fit for you and our residents.


Lease signing

Getting documents and exchanging keys is made easy, either in-person or online.


We optimize and furnish all common areas, and then install high speed internet for residents.

Renter matching

It’s our mission to find financially stable professionals whom all of us can trust in your home.

Ongoing check-ins

Our regular visits keep HomeRoom and residents accountable for high standard of property care.


Enjoy on-time monthly direct deposits into your bank account while we do all the work.

Why HomeRoom?

Our name signs your lease

We have access to capital sources to ensure automatic payments long-term, regardless of tenant vacancies. reputationOur track record of on- time payments is one reason why 100% of our current homeowners recommend us.

We promise property management is on us

We earn money by delivering great service to renters—not by charging property management fees. We’re honored to enhance and manage your property to better serve our community. If repairs or deferred maintenance items come up, we’ll do the work at discounted rates and only with your approval.

You will always be informed

We provide convenient owner support online and frequently communicate how things are going with your property and our residents.


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