Best Houses

We look for well kept houses, inside and out, in great areas that will appeal to our young professional renters.


Best Lease

We offer multi-year leases, with corporate backed assurance of payment. You’ll never see a vacancy loss again!


Best Care

We pride ourselves in how well we take care of your investment; professional maintenance, monthly maid service, lawn yard care, and 24/7 online owner support.


Best Tenants

Our acceptance criteria assures only the highest quality of young adults living in your property. Our members are required to have flawless backgrounds and have average credit score of 700+.

See if your house fits our criteria!

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Best. Tenants. Ever.

When it comes to property investors we partner with, our goal is to be hands-down the best decision they ever made with their investment property. We work constantly to maintain or improve the value of our houses, and work to handle the lion’s share of the day to day property management, so our owner-partners can sip more Mai Tais on the beach! Check out what our current owner-partners have to say….


Still not convinced? We’d love to answer your questions directly or connect you with one of our current owners so they can share their HomeRoom experience!