How To Find Your HomeRoom

Step 1: Fill Out Our Contact Form & Request a Guided Tour. At HomeRoom we believe that no-one can show our spaces better than the Roommates themselves. To request a tour with one of the current roommates click here. We’ll begin the Screening process on our end, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions - through email (, text or call (816-203-1186)

Step 2: Let’s get to know each other.  Co-living is only partly about the space and location, but a lot of it is about the roommate dynamic. We do a quick video interview with every qualified candidate to help ensure the best all around match. After requesting a tour, we’ll send you an email with instructions to schedule that video chat with our staff.

Step 3: Attend Property Viewing. Once your tour has been confirmed, we will notify the current members of your visit. This is when you can Get a feel for the space and the vibe to make sure it’s a great fit! Bare in mind you may be touring alongside other candidates, depending on members’ schedules.

Step 4: Apply Online. You will receive a link to our Application After you have viewed the property. The application is online, and easy to complete. A $20 fee covers your background check and credit report! Once you hit ‘submit,’ our team will review your application to provide you with a response within 24 hours.

Lead Member Tip: Ask the leasing team for the application link While at the property viewing. Submitting an application at, or right after, the viewing will put you first in line!

Step 5: Sign Your (Pending) Lease. Congrats, application is approved! Our leasing team will send a lease your way. Have any questions about the lease? Check out our FAQ here, or contact us ( or 816-203-1186)-- we are here to help! Once you sign the lease, we will include you in the candidate pool for the final selection process (meeting the whole house)

Step 6: Meet the Housemates.  Lastly, our team will circulate Application Summaries of all candidates to all members of that house. Then your potential roommates will reach out to arrange a time for an in person or digital meet and greet with you. This is your chance to share your quirks, ideal living situation, and any other fun facts about why you’re so stellar. Set yourself apart from other candidates!

Step 7: congrats! our members loved you the most! once you’re deposit is paid the lease is official! welcome to homeRoom!